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The Magic Music Of Faraway Places [plus bonus tracks]

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  1. Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples)
  2. On A Llittle Street in Singapore
  3. La Cumparsita
  4. Mambossa
  5. The Japanese Farewell Song
  6. Monte Carlo (Version 2)
  7. Hava Nagila
  8. Stardust (Version 2)
  9. Autumn Leave (Les feuilles Mortes)
  10. Balkan Melody
  11. Midnight In Moscow
  12. Swissy Missy (Swiss Polka)
  13. Prager Polka (Czechoslovakian Polka)
  14. Tales From The Vienna Woods
  15. Latin Strings
  16. Sucu Sucu
  17. Walking With Fips (Happy Whistler) (Version 1)
About this album: 

All tracks recorded in 1964. Tracks 1-12 released on Decca Lp DL-4616/DL-74616 on April 19, 1965. Tracks 13-17 are bonus tracks previously unissued in the USA. Reissued on compact disc December 9, 1997. The CD mistakenly includes an alternate arrangement of "Monte Carlo" (the original version can be found as a bonus track on Taragon's reissue of Bye Bye Blues).

Compact Disc availability: 

Taragon TARCD-1044 (deleted)