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Instrumental Magic - Bye Bye Blues

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  1. Wonderland By Night (Wunderland bei Nacht)
  2. Welcome To My Heart
  3. Afrikaan Beat
  4. Ducky (Single Version)
  5. Catalania (Single Version)
  6. Milicia (Sweet Maria) - Billy Vaughn Singers
  7. (You Are) My Way Of Life - Shirley Bassey
  8. Sweet Romance (Love For Love) - Pat Boone
  9. Las Vegas - Bob Parker (Bert Kaempfert)
  10. Lady - Jack Jones & Ralf Carmichael Orchestra
  11. The World We Knew (Over And Over) (Live) - Sylvia Vrethammar & Bert Kaempfert
  12. Bye Bye Blues
  13. You Turned My World Around (Live) - Sylvia Vrethammar & Bert Kaempfert
  14. In The Everglades
  15. Treat For Trumpets
  16. My Prayer
  17. A Swingin´ Safari
  18. It´s Only A Paper Moon
About this album: 

Nils provided details and the cover image of this very rare CD. The more common version is Instrumental Magic - Moonlight Serenade.