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The Polydor Singles Collection 1958-1972

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CD 1
  1. April in Portugal (Coimbra)
  2. Petticoats Of Portugal
  3. Till (Du sollst meine Liebe sein)
  4. You Don´t Know Me (Wenn du nicht bei mir bist)
  5. Midnight Blues (Mitternachts Blues) (From ´Immer wenn der Tag beginnt´)
  6. Ducky (Single Version)
  7. Patricia
  8. Catalania (Single Version)
  9. Explorer (Louisa) (Mono Version)
  10. Cerveza (Mono Version)
  11. Cha! Bull !
  12. Gipsy´s Cha Cha
  13. Shephard´s Cha Cha (Hirten Cha Cha)
  14. Wonderland By Night (Wunderland bei Nacht)
  15. Dreaming The Blues
  16. Morgen (One More Sunrise)
  17. To Know Him, Is To Love Him (Nur du, du, du allein)
  18. Schlaf, Kindchen schlaf
  19. Hänschen Klein
  20. Muss I denn (Wooden Heart)
  21. Ich hab´ mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren
  22. Midsummernight In Gotland
  23. Holiday In Scotland
  24. Afrikaan Beat
  25. Echo in der Nacht (Echo In The Night)
  26. Cinderella After Midnight
  27. Golden Wings In The Sun
  28. Love After Midnight (90 Minuten nach Mitternacht) Version 1
  29. Mexican Road
CD 2
  1. Danke Schön (Candlelight Cafe) (Single Version)
  2. The Bass Walks
  3. Blue Midnight
  4. L-O-V-E
  5. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
  6. Lonely Nightingale
  7. Three O´Clock In The Morning (Las Tres de la Manana)
  8. Nothing´s New
  9. Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples)
  10. The Moon Is Making Eyes
  11. Bye Bye Blues
  12. Remember When (We Made These Memories)
  13. Strangers In The Night
  14. But Not Today (Theme From ´A Man Could Get Killed´)
  15. So What´s New
  16. Hold Back The Dawn
  17. Hold Me
  18. Pussy Footin´
  19. Night Dream
  20. Talk
  21. Caravan
  22. Melina
  23. (You Are) My Way Of Life
  24. Malaysian Melody
  25. Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)
  26. One Lonely Night
  27. Only A Fool (Would Lose You) (Chorfassung)
  28. Lonely Is The Name (Chorfassung)
About this album: 

This collection is similar but not identical to the singles+ 2-CD set from The Netherlands:

Tracks unique to The Polydor Singles Collection

Petticoats Of Portugal / Ducky (Single Version) / To Know Him, Is To Love Him (Nur du, du, du allein) / Ich hab´ mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren /The Moon Is Making Eyes / But Not Today (Theme From ´A Man Could Get Killed´) / Hold Back The Dawn / Melina / One Lonely Night / Only A Fool (Would Lose You) (Chorfassung) / Lonely Is The Name (Chorfassung)

Tracks unique to the singles+

Tenderly (Ein Lied erklang) / Now And Forever / A Swingin´ Safari / That Happy Feeling / Take Me / Living it up / Gentleman Jim / Jingo Jango / Toy Parade / Treat For Trumpets / I Can´t Give You Anything But Love / Wake Up And Live

Compact Disc availability: 

Polydor 549 054-2

Liner Notes: 

Bert KaempfertAs early as the 1950s Bert Kaempfert was Polydor's arranger and producer for many stars who recorded for the label. Among them were such popular artists as Monda Baptiste, Margot Eskens, Evi Kent, Liselotte Malkowski, Rudi Schuicke and of course Freddy Quinn with, for example, Die Gitarre Und Das Meer. It was at this time that Bert Kämpfert (as he spelled his name in those days) also began to compose: at first he used the pseudonym Marc Bones, but he later changed to using his own name. More and more records were released with his arrangements under the name of Bert Kämpfert und seine Solisten (Bert Kämpfert and his Soloists) or Tanz-Ensemble Bert Kämpfert (Bert Kämpfert Dance Ensemble) for example. Regardless of whether purely instrumental productions or accompanying soloists, his first orchestral recordings were released on Polydor's Heliodor label in 1958 and 1959 under the name Bob Parker und sein Orchester (Bob Parker and his Orchestra) before Bert Kämpfert und sein Orchester at last appeared officially on the label for the very first time - on productions with Cindy Ellis and Ivo Robic. These singles are, however, not included in the present collection, nor are so many of the singles which followed and which were released internationally, some of them on other labels and with different numbers.

All the singles which appeared on the Polydor label in Germany have been compiled and are now being re-released on this double-CD for the very first time. Among them are treasures which have never appeared on compact disc before, such as the choral versions of Only A Fool (Would Lose You) and Lonely Is The Name.

For lovers and collectors of this orchestral music, a dream has here come true: early recordings, often made in Hamburg's Musikhalle if the ensemble was a small one, will conjure up many pleasant memories. Hits of their day such as Midnight Blues, Ducky, Patricia, Catalania, Explorer, and Cerveza are all now heard here in their original single version, some of which were released later in a different version on Lp. Cha! Bull! and Shepherd's Cha Cha are two titles from the LP compilation Ssh! It's... Bert Kaempfert which was released later in England and which are now being re-released here.

Wonderland By Night, a film melody, which appeared on the American Decca label, brought Bert Kaempfert his great breakthrough not just into the American market in 1960. From now on "Mr. Hitmaker", as the Americans came to call him, was allowed to deliver his music via LP productions from which one or more titles would be released as singles. One thinks here of the Bert Kaempfert Swing Band and, for example, Muss I Denn: with a special arrangement of this German folk-song Bert Kaempfert created under the title Wooden Heart a hit for Elvis Presley in his film G.I. Blues.

From 1962 onwards recording took place in the Polydor Studio in Hamburg. Such worldwide hits as Afrikaan Beat and Danke Schoen, and songs like Blue Midnight, L.O.V.E., Moon over Naples (Spanish Eyes) and Strangers In The Night which have long since taken on evergreen status were produced at this time.

International stars performed Bert Kaempfert compositions and took the charts by storm; numerous standard works were catapulted to new international success through arrangements in his very special orchestral sound: Red Roses For A Blue Lady, Three O'Clock In The Morning and Bye Bye Blues are just three examples.

Enjoy listening to old favourites and re-discovered gems from Bert Kaempfert's treasure-trove.

Doug's comments: 

In my opinion, the Polydor Singles Collection 1958/1972 is the more desirable of the two "singles" collections as it includes a couple of rare tracks not available elsewhere, such as the choir version of Lonely Is The Name.