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Wunderland bei Nacht

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CD 1 - Living It up
  1. Living it up
  2. In The Mood (Version 1)
  3. Cherokee (Indian Love Call)
  4. Danke Schön (Candlelight Cafe) (Album Version)
  5. Easy Going
  6. Tricky Trombone
  7. Give And Take
  8. Two On A Tune
  9. Whispering
  10. Dutch Treat
  11. Fluter´s Holiday
  12. Don´t Talk To Me
  13. Gentleman Jim
  14. Pony Violins
CD 2 - Wonderland By Night
  1. Wonderland By Night (Wunderland bei Nacht)
  2. As I Love You
  3. The Aim Of My Desires (Das Ziel meiner Wünsche)
  4. Stay With Me
  5. Tammy
  6. Lullaby For Lovers
  7. Drifting And Dreaming (Sweet Paradise)
  8. La vie en Rose (Schau mich bitte nicht so an)
  9. Happiness Never Comes Too Late (Das Glück kommt nie zu spät)
  10. On The Alamo
  11. Dreaming The Blues
  12. This Song Is Yours Alone (Dieses Lied gehört nur dir)
CD 3 - With A Sound In My Heart
  1. I´ll See You In My Dreams
  2. Yellow Bird
  3. Midsummernight In Gotland
  4. Echo in der Nacht (Echo In The Night)
  5. Forgotten Melody
  6. Symphony
  7. O mein Papa (From ´Feuerwerk´)
  8. I´m Getting Sentimental Over You
  9. Back Street
  10. Secret Love
  11. Just A Dream
  12. Answer Me My Love (Glaube mir)
About this album: 

This box set features three original Polydor albums in individual jewel cases:

Living It Up Wonderland By Night With A Sound In My Heart
(Polydor 9809940) (Polydor 9809941) (Polydor 9809942)
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Polydor 9809939 (3 CD set)