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The Wonderland Of Bert Kaempfert

  1. Tenderly (Ein Lied erklang)
  2. Catalania (Album Version)
  3. Plaisir d´Amour
  4. Don´t Forbid Me
  5. My Life For Your Love
  6. Midnight Snack
  7. Cerveza (Stereo Version)
  8. Sleepy Lagoon
  9. Ducky (Album Version)
  10. Without Your Love
  11. Explorer (Louisa) (Stereo Version)
  12. Auld Long Syne
About this album: 

Although Bert Kaempfert music regards this album as a compilation, Bert Kaempfert: The complete Discographie lists it as an orginal Lp. It features one track that has not been reissued on CD by Polydor: My Life For Your Love. Note that the song has appeared on two European sets: Drifting And Dreaming (Rex 2-CD set) and Kaempfet A La Carte (Hallmark). Details of these sets will be added to the Compilations page shortly.

I emailed Bert Kaempfert Music about The Wonderland Of and Let's Go Bowling in May 2011 and received a prompt response from Christiane Neerhut:

Both Polydor releases you mention have been special compilations only and
 are actually not on schedule to be re-released on CD.
Should there be a CD release in future you will find an announcement on
our homepage or in our newsletter.

Kind regards,


My guess is that other fans also contacted Kaempfert Music regarding Let's Go Bowling. It was reissued on CD seven months after my email.

The cover above is one Nils sent me on a homemade CD. I'm sure he'll provide a better scan shortly.