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Bert Kaempfert In Concert

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  1. Intro (Strangers In The Night) (Live)
  2. Medley (Afrikaan Beat, A Swingin' Safari , Red Roses, Three o´Clock) (Live)
  3. Chanson d´Amour (Live)
  4. Something (Live)
  5. L-O-V-E (Live)
  6. Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples) (Live)
  7. Apple Honey (Live)
  8. The Way We Were (Live)
  9. Tuxedo Junction (Live)
  10. A Song For Lovers (Live)
  11. Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good) (Live)
  12. You Turned My World Around (Live)
  13. Strangers In The Night (Live)
  14. Jumpin´ At The Woodside (Live)
  15. Danke Schön (Candlelight Cafe) (Live)
About this album: 

Abridged televised concert from 1979 (53 minutes). Features Sylvia Vrethammar vocals on L.O.V.E., Spanish Eyes, Remember When, You Turned My World Around, Strangers In The Night and Danke Schoen. DVD rereleased June 21, 2004.

Compact Disc availability: 

Universal 982 092-9 (DVD)

Liner Notes: 

Bert Kaempfert, often described nowadays as the father of easy listening, was not only a practicing musician. As an arranger, he shaped an orchestra sound that as and still is an international success and trendsetter. Today his recordings are still being released all over the world, and he is the composer behind many world famous songs.

In November, 1979 Bert Kaempfert and his 40-strong orchestra went on tour together ith the Botho Lucas Choir, performing for the first time in Germany, Luxembour, and Switzerland before packed audiences at fourteen different venues and featuring soloists Ack van Rooyen on trumpet, Jiggs Whigham on trombone and Swedish jazz singer Sylvia Vrethammar.

This tour had been preceded by a concert given on 20 June in Nue-Isenburg's Hugenottenhalle, which Hessen Radio happened to record for television, thus making it possible, ten years later, to transfer this now historic recording on to video disc. Requiring complex digital audio-master processing, the task was carried out in London's Mayfair Studios by John Hudson, one of the world's leading sound engineers. In April 1991 the video disc was replaced by a video cassette.

We are very pleased that the concert event of the year, as it as described in the press at that time, is now available on DVD.