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Strangers In The Night: The Bert Kaempfert Story [DVD+CD]

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  1. Musical Beginnings (1923-1945)
  2. The Polydor Years (1945-1959)
  3. Wonderland By Night (1959-1963)
  4. The Kaempfert Sound (1963-1965)
  5. Strangers In The Night (1965-1968)
  6. Crises and Comeback (1968-1974)
  7. Farewell (1974-1980)
  1. Strangers In The Night (Live)
  2. A Swingin´ Safari
  3. Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples) (Live)
  4. (You Are) My Way Of Life
  5. Malaysian Melody
  6. Cerveza (Mono Version)
  7. Jumpin´ At The Woodside
  8. Frisco Disco
  9. In The Everglades
  10. Trumpet Fiesta
  11. Sugar Bush
  12. Remember When (We Made These Memories)
  13. L-O-V-E (Live)
  14. On My Lonely Way
  15. Cinderella After Midnight
  16. Highland Dreams
  17. Danke Schön (Candlelight Cafe) (Single Version)
  18. Morgen (One More Sunrise)
  19. Hänschen Klein
  20. Wiederseh´n
About this album: 

A Film By Marc Boettcher. Notes from the DVD packaging:

The biography of the man whose ideas occupy a firm place in the annals of music history began 1923 in a working-class district of Hamburg. In Marc Boettcher's documentary we hear from Bert kaempfert's friends and companions, Freddy Quinn, Hildegard Knef and James Last, among others, as well as from members of the Kaempfert family.

Compact Disc availability: 

Universal 06024 9824304 6 (DVD+CD, Region 2)

Doug's comments: 

This is a fascinating biography of Bert Kaempfert which truly is a must-have for any Kaempfert collector. Note: this is a Region 2 DVD and will not play on most North American DVD players!

Here are a few video clips of the program from YouTube: